Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf
Born in 1983 in Moscow (Russia).

She graduated from the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named by V.I. Surikov (2007), the Institute of Contemporary Art (2003).

Grant of the Ministry of Culture (2007-2008, 2015, 2017).

Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

Works are in private collection of Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Israel, France, Italy, Russia and in the State Museum of Beijing (China).

Awards and winnings:
Gratitude of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, Moscow;
The medal and diploma of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow;
The winner (2nd place) of IV International competition of portraits PORTRÆT NU! named after Yakob Christian Jacobsen - BREWER JC JACOBSEN'S PORTRAIT AWARD, Denmark;
The winner of the International Competition "contest ArhiGrafika" in the "Drawing from Nature", Moscow;
Diploma of the "Union of Russian Artists", Moscow;

Diploma of the Ministry of Culture of Russia for high professional achievements in the arts.
Anastasiya Kuznetsova-Ruf represents the new generation of artists and works in the conceptual realism genre. She is a member of the Moscow Artist Union and has been included in the All-Russian investment rating "Top-100 Recognized Artists of Russia" (InArt). She is on the list of the Best Contemporary Artists of Russia (ARTEEX).
Listed among the 37 young artists in the Russian Investment Art Rating 49ART.

In 2013, Anastasiya took the 2nd prize at the Brewer J.C. Jacobsen's Portrait award "Portrait Now! - 2013" and became the first artist from Russia to do so. For more than 20 years she has been taking part in modern art exhibitions, auctions and art fairs both in Russia and abroad. Her works have been acquired by private art collectors from Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Israel, France, Italy, Russia and by the National Art Museum of China (Beijing).

Since 1996 there have been more than 60 exhibitions in which Anastasiya took part, including 9 solo exhibitions. Anastasiya collaborates with Agardh & Tornvall gallery (Stockholm, Sweden), Happy Art Museum (Riga, Latvia), La Galerie ART XXI(Geneva, Switzerland), Gallery Fine Art (Moscow, Russia).

Anastasiya works in the monochrome painting technique using tempera and charcoal pencil. Her classical art education and impeccable technique does not make her works too "academic" - the underlying idea, the characters and metaphoric expression are central to her works. Anastasiya finds symbolic meaning among the mundane and stimulates the public's intellect with true high art.

"The most interesting to me is to find symbols of the eternal in our everyday life. I like using minimal artistic means (I almost exclusively work with charcoal) to create new forms and spaces that maximize the perception of reality. As a result, the superficially simple monochrome technique creates a complex work of art with multiple layers of both the drawing and the meaning. This aligns very well with the creative goals I set for myself: it is very important for me that viewers find multiple meanings in my works, meanings to which they can relate personally, even if the meanings they find are different from the ones I envisioned initially - to me, that is the wonder of art."